Why your air Compressor not Working – Reasons & Ways to Fix it

Why your air Compressor not Working

There could be a number of reasons as to why your air compressor not working. If you are here reading this, then chances are you have come across an issue with your air conditioning compressor not working, or another type of air compressor, and you need to find answers and solutions are how to fix the issue.

Well, if this is the case, then you’re in luck. Here we have compiled a number of reasons as to why your air compressor not working and how it can be fixed. So worry no more, and read these issues and solutions. Have your air compressor back up and running in no time!

A Safety Valve that Won’t Stay Shut

If your air compressor not working, then one of the issues you might be experiencing is a safety valve that keeps popping open and won’t stay shut. If you are experiencing this issue, then you understand how frustrating and inconvenient this can be.

  • The main cause of this issue is generally because your compressor has a bad safety valve that needs to be replaced and it is causing the switch to fail.
  • When pressure is operating and you notice the safety valve is tripping then you simply need to replace it because that is a sign that it is broken.

Won’t Start

The reason why air conditional compressor not working is that the electrical power could be lacking at the source. You will need to check for the valve failure or trick to see if the valve switch is bad.

If it is simply the outlet lacking power then you will need to reset your home circuit breaker; which would be an easy fix for the problem.

Tank is failing to Hold Air

Another reason your air compressor not working could be because it is not holding any air. If you are experiencing your compressor not holding air in, then you are looking at the reason being a few things:

  • Bad check valve
  • Loose air tube connections

  • Rusted air tank
  • Bad tank drain valve

To keep your tank from rusting you need to make sure you are regularly draining any water that condensates from the tank drain regularly. If rust has built up inside the tank, then you need to replace the tank to avoid any further leaks.

Tighten your air fitting tubes if you find that they are loose so that air isn’t leaking out. If air is leaking then you will also need to check whether or not your valve is faulty and have it replaced if it is.

Compressor Won’t Start with air tank full

An air compressor working diagram can come in handy to take a look at your parts to find out why your air compressor not working properly. If your air compressor tank is full but it won’t start, the issue could be that you have a bad check valve; this is generally the issue.

You will want to inspect this valve and replace it as soon as possible.

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