How to create your own wedding invitations

In this tutorial I’m going to share with you how you can create custom wedding invitations for more than half of the cost! This technique will show you how to make wedding invitations in Illustrator.

In the future I may post a do it yourself invitations tutorial using card making materials also.

Supplies Checklist:

Adobe Illustrator [Windows | Mac]
Adobe Photoshop [Windows | Mac](optional if you have Adobe Illustrator)
A good printing company
Free resources such as brushes, shapes, fonts, etc. (see below).
Your imagination and creativity!

Step-By-Step Tutorial:

If you haven’t already decided on your colors, then now is the time because you’ll need them for the design of your diy wedding invitations. For my wedding, I’ve decided to go with a Chocolate Brown and a Light Pink.
Search the web for some inspiration to get a feel for the style you seem to be drawn to. Here are some inspiring sites that sell wedding invitations:

Wedding Paper Divas
Paper Mints
Exclusively Weddings

Disclaimer: you should not directly copy someone’s work! This tutorial is about creating do it yourself wedding invitations with your own look. The images you save to your computer are only to inspire you and provide you with a jumping off point.

Go to the printing company’s site. Vista Print’s prices are reasonable, and the quality is excellent. They also have coupon codes floating around all the time, here are some to help you out with your diy wedding invitations purchase:

Free Shipping on Orders Over $50
25% – 75% Off Everything

Please Note: If the above are all expired, then checkout Retail Me Not for some current coupon codes.

On this page you’ll see that these are the sizes available to print:

5.47″ x 4.21″ [Photoshop | Illustrator]
3.74″ x 8.27″ [Photoshop | Illustrator]
5.47″ x 8.5″ [Photoshop | Illustrator]

I chose to go with the 5.47″ x 4.21″ for my save the date cards and the 5.47″ x 8.5″ for my wedding invitations.

Once you’ve determined your size, download the template from the link above and open it up in illustrator.

For this tutorial I will be working with the 5.47″ x 4.21″ in Illustrator to make my save the date cards.

Depending on how creative you want to get with this (and how much time you have) you can design the background decorations on the wedding invitation, or you can use a free resource on the web.
Even though this is for your own personal use, it would be a good idea to put a credit on the back of the invitation for whatever free resources you use.

Here are a few excellent sites for free graphics to use for your diy wedding invitations:

BittBox (I used this site for mine)

When you’ve opened up the template, you’ll see the wedding invitation template already has the necessary guides and instructions. FOLLOW THESE CLOSELY so that nothing will get caught off.
Create a rectangle shape the size of the entire canvas and fill it with the color you want to be the background of the wedding invitation.
Now play around with the design of the invitation. While working on the design of your custom wedding invitation be sure to consider where your text is going to go and what color it will be against the background and design.
For my diy wedding invitations, I used these vectors for the flower designs, the tartan maker for my plaid accent, and I created the “frill” border next to the plaid using the pen tool.

Now it’s time for the text! Here is the basic text you should include on your save the date:

The words “Save the Date”.
The date of your wedding.
Your future spouse (and your) name.
The city and state the wedding will be in.

For the wedding invitations you should include:

Your future spouse (and your) name
The actual invitation text. Keep it short, sweet, and rhyming can be fun too. Also hint at the formality of the wedding and if it will be outdoors so people know what to wear.
The date and time of the wedding.
When they should RSVP and how they should RSVP. You could have them RSVP by phone or email instead of using the extra paper and stamp. Save money and get a little green with your diy wedding invitation I say!

Once you’re happy with how everything looks, it’s time to order! Select the appropriate size and click on the button that says “Upload your own design”.
Upload the actual Illustrator or Photoshop file for the best results. Once it uploads, at first sight it may not look like the best quality. But that’s okay, because it will turn out fine as long as you uploaded the Illustrator or Photoshop file. The thumbnail they create just doesn’t look great.
At this point you can also see if there are any adjustments you need to make. At first, you might have pushed your text or design too close to the guides. If you need to adjust anything, do so now, re-save the file, and press the “Back” button to re-upload it. Keep doing this until it looks the way you want it to look. The way it looks in the thumbnail (other than the quality) will be exactly how it looks when it’s printed out, so MAKE SURE it looks like you want it to!

After you press next, you will come to a larger thumbnail of your custom wedding invitation. On the left side you will see some options. These are the options for the backside of your invitation. For the most professional look, color the backside of your invitation the same color as the front. To create this template, simply use the same template as you did above and hide all the layers but the background rectangle. Then save it as a separate file.
Once you have your backside template ready, be sure to select “Full-Color Printing from $2.99″ from the options, and then click on the link that says “Choose a different back side template…”. When you get to the options, click on the first thumbnail that gives you the option of uploading your own image. Upload the backside file like you did with the front side of the invitation. Now you will get to the page that asks for your approval to continue. Type your initials and press the “Next” button.
Next you will be taken to the checkout process. These are some of the options that you will have and what I chose for them:

Finish – You can choose from Matte or Glossy. I chose to go with Matte.
Envelope – You can upload a separate template to color and design your envelopes the way you want to. But it costs extra so you can just go with the plain white envelopes for free also.

Finally, complete the rest of the checkout process and you have now ordered your custom wedding invitations for an incredible price.
When your finished do it yourself wedding invitations arrive you will be absolutely thrilled!

So that’s how you can create diy wedding invitations in Illustrator! Easy and most of all affordable!

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