Clean energy for DIY

Solar energy is one source of power that is renewable and accessible to all people. Harnessing that solar power does not have to be unattainable, even if you can’t afford to solar power your entire house, you can take steps to begin using solar power and lower your energy consumption in the process. Earth4Energy has put out an easy to read fully illustrated guide that teaches you step by step how to make a small, portable solar powered generator. It goes on to teach you step by step how to make a solar generator system with as many panels as you want to put in it and either go partially solar powered or get totally off the electric grid with full solar power.

Why Build a Solar Powered Generator?

As mentioned earlier, the Earth is not going to be able to sustain our energy consumption as the rate we are going if we do not start using renewable energy sources. That alone is a good reason to build a solar powered generator. Even a small, solar powered generator to use around your workshop or yard is a start on saving our energy resources. By using solar energy you are freeing the world of the toxic fumes and chemicals that are the by-products of so many of the energy sources we use today. Solar energy doesn’t leave by-products that harm you. Solar energy generators and panels need very little maintenance to keep them working for many years. If the saving the Earth from being without energy doesn’t persuade you, maybe saving money will. Solar power can save as much as 80% on your power bill, depending on whether you are totally off the grid or partially off the grid – totally solar or partial solar. A DIY solar powered generator or grid-inter tied solar power system does not have to be a bank breaker. You can build one for under $200 and coupled with the savings on your power bill there are no reasons not to build a solar powered generator for your home and personal use.

Why Should I Buy the Earth4Energy DIY Book?

With so many resources available on the Internet to find instructions on how to build a solar powered generator you might be asking, why should I buy the Earth4Energy book by Michael Harvey? First and foremost the simple to follow instructions with pictures and available videos make it so simple a housewife could do it. Each step is detailed and written in plain English with any words that might be foreign detailed as well. Michael Harvey found 11 people who knew nothing about generating power and reported that all of his test subjects were able to generate enough electricity to power their household appliances. You do not need to be a carpenter or electrician. You don’t need any pieces of expensive machinery – everything you need is easily accessible. If you can read and follow instructions you can build a solar powered generator using this book. You should buy the Earth4Energy DIY book because of its simplicity. There’s no reason to go mucking up a set of perfectly good instructions with a bunch of technical jargon and this book doesn’t do that. You should buy the Earth4Energy DIY book because you are looking for an alternate way to power your house or even your workshop tools and want an easy to read, easy to follow set of instructions for building your own solar powered generator. If you’re into DIY anyway, this guide will ensure a fun at home project that reduce your power bill.

Is it Expensive – No Way!

Using Earth4Energy’s DIY book you can build a solar powered generator or grid inter-tied solar power system for under $200 – for the inter-tied solar power system the cost depends on the number of panels you put on your grid and what you are going to power. Building a solar powered generator to take your house completely off the grid is not impossible, it might cost more than $200 to go completely off electricity but in the end you make your investment back in savings on power bills. All of the items needed to build a solar powered generator are listed along with where to get them and in some cases what you can expect to pay for them. For the most expensive item, it explains how to find them free or almost free from other businesses. The solar panels needed to build the generator are the costliest item on the list; however, Earth4Energy details how to build your own solar panels if you can’t find free or inexpensive ones from the recommendations it makes. To build solar panels you will need solar cells; again, Earth4Energy shares with you the secrets to finding the most inexpensive solar cells. Using the Internet you can purchase damaged or used solar cells and make a few repairs to them for use in your solar panels. But if you’re getting them for the right price, it’s worth doing some repairs. With just the information detailed up to this point in the book, this little gem has already shown savings possibilities in the hundreds of dollars. Try pricing brand new solar panels and you’ll see that just this information alone is worth the cost of the book. The remaining supplies are all available at your local hardware store. For the flexi-glass that needs to be cut you can have your hardware store cut that as well. If you know how to use a power saw and can cut your wood that is fine, if not you can take your measurements to the hardware store and tell them what you need. By the time you have your supplies gathered you will have spent right at or under $200, if you followed the advice in the book and did your homework, and will be ready to build your very own solar powered generator. Once your supplies are all gathered this DIY guide goes into explicit instructions complete with images and notes. These are not blueprints that you need an engineer to read or “A” goes in “B” then “X” connects to “G”. These are real life pictures of the actual process. From the very first page of what to do you are taken step by step in clear, layman’s terms on how to put together your generator or solar panels for your grid. If you are putting together the grid there are visuals of how the grid will look in the end.

Will I Save Money in the Long Run?

If you assume that the average home pays about $200 or more per month in electricity that is a yearly cost of $2400. With a solar energy inter-tied grid that money could be going into your pocket for other bills or a nice vacation. And that’s just electricity. If you are using natural gas to heat or cook with you can also switch them over to the solar energy generator or grid and cut out your gas bills as well. This could amount to several more hundred dollars a year in energy savings. The Earth4Energy guide is suitable for any house and is perfect everyone from the beginner who has never built anything to the engineer who designs houses. These instructions and pictures don’t need more detail than they have. Using the this do-it-yourself guide you can do your part to help the Earth’s environment and remove part of your carbon footprint in the process.

Wind Power

The Earth4Energy guide takes you one step further in the quest for renewable energy. Chapter 5 delves into wind power. Wind power works on the same basis as hydroelectric power, only it is wind driven not water driven. Earth4Energy takes the reader through building their own wind powered turbine, and like the solar energy generator you can build it for as little as $200. Wind generators work and the work well; however, you have to be in a location that gets a lot of wind for it to pay off, otherwise you need to stick with solar energy; some sun is available in nearly all parts of the world. For people who live windy areas, a wind generator could be the perfect way to supplement their energy needs. Earth4Energy has covered two relatively easy to install DIY projects to help with the energy crisis. Whether you go for the sun or the wind, you will be saving our natural resources and making the future brighter for everyone around.

Bio Diesel Bonus

Along with the Earth4Energy guide and videos there is a bonus book, on using bio diesel as an alternative fuel for your house and car. Like the solar energy DIY book this one is designed to be simple and easy to read. If you are ready to forge ahead into the world of renewable energy for your vehicle this bonus book is your ticket. It takes you through converting a diesel engine into one that will run on bio diesel fuel. It also tells you how to obtain the ingredients for your bio diesel fuel for free from resources in your community.


This DIY Guide to Solar Energy and Wind Power will transform your life through making your home (and if you want it your vehicle) less dependent on fossil fuels and more dependent on renewable sources of energy that exist freely in our world. The small price you pay for this book comes back to you a hundred fold in monetary savings and in knowing you are doing your part for the environment. I’ve looked at many books and guides on building your own renewable energy solutions and Earth4Energy comes out easily on top. In the few months since I received my review copy, Michael has updated the guide several times and added several new videos to the web site.

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